Badal Achche Hai
 By Dhruv Paranjpye

Camera : Nikon COOLPIX 3700
Date and time : January 15, 2010, 7:42 GMT
Location : Sea View Hotel, Kanyakumari

The picture clicked during the Annular Solar Eclipse of Jan 15, 2010. The clouds stated coming in since the morning and we thought those might again play spoilsport but the clouds turned out to be quite good - they acted as natural filter and gave a dramatic pictorial composition compared to standard 'ring-of-fire' picture.  The sun also appears in it's noon time natural 'white' colour. The picture below is the at true magnification.

This picture won Dhruv Young Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2010 award from Royal Observatory Greenwich. There was a special competition category for young astronomy photographers under the age of 16. The picture was given title  " A Perfect Circle "

What the judges say: Rebekah Higgitt says: "I loved how the perfect geometry of the eclipsed Sun contrasts with the chaotic shapes of the clouds. By using the clouds as a filter, Paranjpye has been able to reproduce wonderful, contrasting colours."

Universe Today said - The fourth category was for young astrophotographers, and this stunning image of an annular solar eclipse as taken by 14 year old Dhruv Arvind Paranjpye from India. This type of perfect circle occurs when the Moon is too far from the Earth to completely cover the Sun's disc, and Paranjpye caught the moment perfectly as a bright ring appeared as the uncovered part of the Sun shone around the edges of the Moon, and through a thin veil of clouds.



Badal Achche Hai - (clouds are good) is from, Daag Achche Hai (Stain are good) a popular tag line of the advertisement of a famous detergent brand,