Comet 17P Holmes
by Arvind Paranjpye

Camera: Nikon COOLPIX 3700
Date and time : 25 Oct 2007
, Time 17:00 UT 
Location : Pune, India

Periodic comet Holmes became an object of more than 2 magnitude from its expected 17th mag in just one night. I captured a few images in afocal mode using 80mm lens of a binoculars and 10x eyepiece with Nikon COOLPIX 3700. The picture above is the eyepiece view.

The picture below is camera at it's maximum zoom of 3X.


There appears to be a bit of elongation (tail) on one side of the comet. I then played with the image of the comet using Adobe Photoshop. The negative image of the above frame


Even at the highest contrast the image of the comet is still quite circular. But may be there is an indication of slight elongation on one side.


I then tried to get 'equidensity contours'.  There seem to be indication that after all there is a slight elongation on one side.  This is probably not (though I am not ruling it out) a tilt or or coma effect as this effect is seen in other images too.


The 'equidensity contours' were obtained using the Curves tool of the Photoshop as shown below.