I am working as an Associate Professor at the Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Pune. Previously, I have worked in the Atomic Astrophysics Group at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics , University of Cambridge, UK. I have also held a prestigious research fellowship at Clare Hall, University of Cambridge and visiting positions at the High Altitude Observatory, National Centre for Atmospheric Research, USA and Kwasan and Hida Observatories, Kyoto University, Japan.

I am also an adjunct faculty member at the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore.

Research Interest

Coupling and Dynamics of Solar Atmosphere

Solar Eruptions and Associated Phenomena, Solar Terrestrial Relations, Chromospheric and Coronal Heating, UV & EUV Spectroscopy, Solar Magnetohydrodynamics

The Sun serves as a natural laboratory to study basic plasma physics such as plasma confinement, magnetic reconnection processes in infinitely conducting low plasma beta environment, and particle physics and plays a pivotal role in shaping the climate patterns on Earth. In addition, being the nearest star, the Sun provides with unique opportunities to study different basic plasma processes taking place in late type stars and other astrophysical objects. The Atmosphere of the Sun presents a number of puzzling physical phenomena of great importance. For example, the very existence of million-degree corona above the cooler atmospheric layers such as photosphere and chromosphere, offers a fundamental basic physics problem. Similarly, the occurrence of highly energetic solar eruptions phenomena such as flares and coronal mass ejections, which has direct consequences on space weather and geo-space climate, has proven to be highly difficult to comprehend.

Observations from space-based and ground-based observatories have revealed that Sun's atmosphere is highly dynamic, showing changes in the complex magnetic structures on the timescales of minutes to hours. Recent developments in observational capabilities combined with theoretical and numerical modelling have significantly improved our knowledge and understanding of various highly dynamic physical processes occurring in the solar atmosphere including their effects on space weather phenomena and geo-space climate. However, our understanding is far behind the full comprehension.

The broad theme of my research is on the understanding of the dynamics and coupling of different layers of the solar atmosphere by means of spectroscopic and imaging observations combined with theoretical and numerical modelling.