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Sr. No. Accession No. Author Title CD/DVD Type
1 C13105 Minasi, Mark Complete pc upgrade and maintenance guide Book CD-ROM
2 C13148 Danny Goodman JavaScript handbook Book CD-ROM
3 C13221 SSC Inc. Java: Complete JAVA Dev Kit (1.0) for windows95/NT, Solaris, Linux, SGI and MAC, All Documentation vewable directly from the CD, Includes demo "applets", HotJava browser for windows95/NT and Solaris [CD-ROM] Book CD-ROM
4 C13928 David J. Kruglinski Inside visual C++ : The new way to program for windows Book CD-ROM
5 C13938 Kyle Geiger Inside ODBC Book CD-ROM
6 C14210

J-A. Marck (ed.);J-P. Lasota (ed.)

Relativistic gravitation and gravitational radiation :Proceedings of the Les Houches school of physics, held in Les Houches, Haute Savoie between September, 26- October, 06, 1995 Book CD-ROM
7 C14378 Guy Eddon Active visual basic 5.0 Book CD-ROM
8 C14539 Dap Hartmann; W.B. Burton Atlas of galactic neutral hydrogen Book CD-ROM
9 C14578 Laurence Vanhelsuwe Mastering Java Beans Book CD-ROM
10 C14993 David Megginson Structuring XML documents Book CD-ROM
11 C15544 Joseph J. Carr Radio science observing, Vol. 1 Book CD-ROM
12 C15578 Robert A. Donahue (ed.);

Jay A. Bookbinder (ed.)

Cool stars, stellar systems and the sun : Cambridge workshop 010 : Proceedings of a meeting held at Cambridge, Massachusetts, 15-19 July, 1997 Book CD-ROM
13 C15972 David Boctor Mastering Microsoft Office 2000 visual basic for applications : Fundamentals Book CD-ROM
14 C16335 Jan Hall Linux for dummies Book CD-ROM
15 C16352 Jan Axelson USB complete : Everything you need to develop custom USB peripherals Book CD-ROM
16 C16605 Dale Grover Digital signal processing and the micro controller Book CD-ROM
17 C16676 David HM Spector Building Linux clusters Book CD-ROM
18 C16709 Dhananjay V. Gadre Programming and customizing the AVR micro controller Book CD-ROM
19 C16743 Simon Roberts and Philip Heller Complete JAVA 2 : Certification study guide Book CD-ROM
20 C17513 Warren J. Smith Modern optical engineering: The design of optical systems Book CD-ROM
21 C17720 H.M. Antia Numerical methods for scientists and engineers Book CD-ROM
22 C18053 Pratt, William K Digital image processing: PIKS inside Book CD-ROM
23 C18084 Basdevant, Jean-Louis,Dalibard, Jean Quantum mechanics: Including a CD-ROM by Manuel Joffre Book CD-ROM
24 C18410 U. Meyer-Baese Digital signal processing with field programmable gate arrays Book CD-ROM
25 C18414 George EM Karniadakis,Robert M. Kirby II Parallel scientific computing in C++ and MPI: A seamless approach to parallel algorithms and their implementation Book CD-ROM
26 C18516 Arthur N. Cox (ed.) Allen's Astrophysical quantities Book CD-ROM
27 C19205 D. Giulini, C. Kiefer, and C. Lammerzahl Visual quantum mechanics: Selected topics with computer-generated animations of quantum-mechanical phenomena Book CD-ROM
28 C19946 Bernd Thaller Advanced visual quantum mechanics Book CD-ROM
29 C20021 Mark Lutz Programming Python Book CD-ROM
30 C20043 Danny Goodman JavaScript bible Book CD-ROM
31 C20071 Gerhard Beutler Methods of celestial mechanics : Vol. I : Physical, mathematical, and numerical principles Book CD-ROM
32 C20072 Gerhard Beutler Methods of celestial mechanics : Vol. II : Application to planetary system, geodynamics and satellite geodesy Book CD-ROM
33 C20198 Michael Trott Mathematics guide book for programming Book CD-ROM
34 C20207 Brian J. Cantwell Introduction to symmetry analysis Book CD-ROM
35 C20318 Richard Barnett, Larry O'Cull Embedded C programming and the Atmel AVR Book CD-ROM
36 C20336 Ying Bai Windows serial port programming handbook Book CD-ROM
37 C20360 John C. Hull Options, futures and other derivatives Book CD-ROM
38 C20365 Yashavant Kanetkar Writing windows device drivers Book CD-ROM
39 C20509 Michael Beack Linux kernal programming: Algorithms and structures of versions 2.4 Book CD-ROM
40 C20622 Gerd Baumann Mathematica for theoretical physics volume 1 : Classical mechanics and nonlinear dynamics Book CD-ROM
41 C20623 Gerd Baumann Mathematica for theoretical physics volume 2 : Electrodynamics, quantum mechanics, general relativity and fractals Book CD-ROM
42 C20629 Slobodan Danko Bosanac Dynamics of particles and the electromagnetic field Book CD-ROM
43 C20667 M. Rafiquzzaman Fundamentals of digital logic and microcomputer design Book CD-ROM
44 C20669 Neil F. Comins, William J. Kaufmann III Discovering universe Book CD-ROM
45 C21037 Jeffrey Bennett, Megan Donahue, and Nicholas Schneider Essential cosmic perspective Book CD-ROM
46 C21292 Ray P. Norris (ed.), Frank H. Stootman (ed.)

Bioastronomy 2002: Life among the stars: Proceedings of the 213th symposium of the International Astronomical Union held at Hamilton Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia between 8 - 12 July 2002

47 C21299 A. K. Dupree (ed.), A.O. Benz (ed.)

Stars as suns: Activity, evolution and planets: Proceedings of the 219th symposium of the International Astronomical Union held during the IAU general assemble XXV Sydney, Australia between 21 - 25 July 2003

48 C21322 Safa Kasap (ed.), Peter Capper (ed.) Springer handbook of electronic and photonic materials Book CD-ROM
49 C21354 Qian Tao (Ed.),Vai Mang I (ed.),Xu Yuesheng (ed.) Wavelet analysis and applications Book CD-ROM
50 C21579 Jeff Hester [et al.] 21st Century astronomy Book CD-ROM
51 C21587 Peter Bodenheimer, Gregory P. Laughlin, Michal Rozyczka, Harold W. Yorke Numerical methods in astrophysics : An introduction Book CD-ROM
52 C21608 Anonymous Maximum security Book CD-ROM
53 C21609 Angela D. Orebaugh,Greg Morris,Ed Warnicke, Gilbert Ramirez Ethereal Packet Sniffing Book CD-ROM
54 C21610 Renaud Deraison, Haroon Meer, Roelof Temmingh,Charl van der Walt Nessus Network Auditing Book CD-ROM
55 C21611 Jay Beale, Andrew R. Baker,Brian Caswell,Mike Poor Snort 2.1 intrusion detection Book CD-ROM
56 C22019 David Fanning IDL programming techniques Book CD-ROM
57 C22020 David Fanning IDL programming techniques Book CD-ROM
58 C19159 Nikolai Piskunov (ed.)

Modeling of stellar atmospheres : Proceedings of the 210th symposium of the International Astronomical Union held at Uppsala Un

59 C23065 S.M. Lindsay Introduction to nanoscience Book CD-ROM
60 019898 American Society of the Pacific SOFIA active astronomy infrared kit. SO101-SF Book CD-ROM
61 C14646 Astronomical Data Center / NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Selected astronomical catalogues volume 4 / Rel.2 Book CD-ROM
62 C16484 John Hyde USB design by example : A practical guide to building I/O devices Book CD-ROM
63 C21582 P. K. Choudhury (ed.), Onkar N. Singh (ed.)  Frontiers in optical technology : Materials and devices Book CD-ROM
64 C22377 U. Meyer-Baese Digital signal processing with field programmable gate arrays Book CD-ROM
65 C22603 Third world acacemy of science Profiles of Institutions for scientific exchange and training in the South Book CD-ROM
66 C22434 India Meteorological Department Indian astronomical ephemeris for the year 2009 Book CD-ROM
67 C20901 Ahmar Abbas  Grid computing : A practical guide to technology and applications


68 C00248 Interlude Technologies Vedic math's Book CD-ROM
69 C22351 Nina Godbole Information systems security: Security management, metrics, frameworks and best practices Book CD-ROM
70 C22436 William J. Thompson Angular momentum: An illustrated guide to rotational symmetries for physical systems Book CD-ROM
71 C23079 Steve VanWyk Computer solutions in physics Book CD-ROM
72 C20199 Michael Trott Mathematica guidebook for graphics


73 C17191 Richard Berry  Handbook of astronomical image processing Book CD-ROM
74 C15471 Xilinx, inc. Foundation XILINX student edition Book CD-ROM
75 C20683 Press, William H. Numerical receipes source code in C and C++ CDROM with windows or Macintosh single- screen license Book CD-ROM
76 021560 Compare Infobase Limited Maps of Worlds Book CD-ROM
77 021559 Compare Infobase Limited Maps of India Book CD-ROM
78 C17798 John Connell Coding techniques for Microsoft : Visual Basic .NET Book CD-ROM
79 C20023 John M. Nicholas Project management for business and technology : Principles and practice Book CD-ROM
80 C14862 Expert Software Corporation Redshift 2 : the ultimate virtual observatory Book CD-ROM
81 C13937 Michael Morrison Java unleashed Book CD-ROM
82 C16656 Jeff Foust Astronomer's computer companion Book CD-ROM
83 C17200 Guido Visconti fundamentals of physics and chemistry of the atmosphere Book CD-ROM
84 C18234 Dubin, Daniel Numerical and analytical methods for scientists and engineers using mathematica Book CD-ROM
85 C18300 A.F.J. Levi Applied quantum mechanics Book CD-ROM
86 C18315 Prasad, K.V.K.K. Programming for embedded systems Book CD-ROM
87 C19222 Patricia M. Schwarz, John H. Schwarz Special relativity: From Einstein to strings Book CD-ROM
88 C20014 David H. Eberly, Ken Shoemake Game physics Book CD-ROM
89 C20074 National council of science museums  Nobel prize winners in pictures (1901-2003) Book CD-ROM
90 C20075 Thomas H. Lee Planar microwave engineering : A practical guide to theory measurement, and circuits Book CD-ROM
91 C20196 Piotr T. Chrusciel, Helmut Friedrich  Einstein equations and the large scale behavior of gravitational fields: 50 years of the cauchy problem in general relativity Book CD-ROM
92 021581 Francois E. Cellier, Ernesto Kofman Continuous system simulation Book CD-ROM
93 C19129 Ahmar Abbas  Grid computing : A practical guide to technology and applications Book CD-ROM
94 021567 K. M. Mathew ( chief ed.), Mammen Mathew (ed.) Manorama yearbook 2007: With CD of 186 maps Book CD-ROM
95 023069 World Scientific Nobel lecture in physics 7 volumes in CD-ROM (1901 - 1995) Book CD-ROM
96 C18979 Riccardo Giacconi (ed.), Salvatore Serio (ed.), Luigi Stella (ed.) X-ray astronomy 2000 : Proceedings of a conference held in Mondello (Palermo), Italy 4 - 9 September 2000 Book CD-ROM
97 C18197 Ulaby, Fawwaz T. Fundamentals of applied electromagnetic Book CD-ROM
98 C16815 Siegmund Brandt  Data analysis : statistical and computational methods for scientists and engineers Book CD-ROM
99 016201 Sienna Software Starry night pro Book CD-ROM
100 C16355 Neil F. Comins, William J. Kaufmann III  Discovering the universe Book CD-ROM
101 C15991 William H. Press Numerical recipes code CD-ROM Version 2.06 with UNIX single screen license Book CD-ROM
102 C15900 Vigyan Prasar Celestial shadow play [CD-ROM] Book CD-ROM
103 C15729 Jeff Prosise Programming windows 95 with MFC : create object-oriented programs quickly with the Microsoft foundation class library Book CD-ROM
104 C15401 Cheryl Kirk Internet phone connection Book CD-ROM
105 C15076 Chris Marriott Sky map Pro : version 5 Book CD-ROM
106 C14515 Paul Lomax Learning VBScript Book CD-ROM
107 018227 Hamilton, Scott Analog electronics companion: Basic circuit design for engineers and scientists Book CD-ROM
109 C14373 Anthony Mann Visual basic 5 : Developers guide Book CD-ROM
110 C14042 Brian Behlendorf, David M. Chandler  Running a perfect web site with Apache Book CD-ROM
111 C14039 Barrie Sosinsky Back office bible Book CD-ROM
112 C13707 Public Domain and Shareware Library (PDSL) Scientific and technical library CD-ROM Book CD-ROM
113 C13408 Miller Freeman Inc. Embedded systems programming on CD-ROM library: 1988-1994: Full text, source code, and product demonstrations Book CD-ROM
114 013366 Creative Labs. Inc. Stephen Hawking : A brief history of time : An interactive adventure Book CD-ROM
115 C13365 Parallax Multimedia Inc.

Galaxy guide: A journey through the constellations (CD-ROM)

116 C12901 James D. Muurray, William van Ryper Encyclopedia of graphics file formats Book CD-ROM
117 C12811 Deborah, Morrison  IBM's official guide to building a better website Book CD-ROM
118 C14040 (1) Drew Heywood  Disk 1 : Resources; Book CD-ROM
119 C14040 (2) Drew Heywood Disk 2 : WinSite NT archive Book CD-ROM
120 C16006 WAKERLY, JOHN Two CDROM set for the book : Digital design : Principles and practices, CDROM 1. Design entry tools F 1.5, XILINK student edition. Foundation series software version 1.5, CDROM 2. Documentation and Utilities F 1.5, XILINK student edition, Foundat Book CD-ROM
121 C18404 Nielsen, Paul Microsoft SQL server 2000 bible Book CD-ROM


122 C23019 Alexander K Hartmann Practical guide to computer simulations Book CD-ROM

123 C12432 Michael Nadeau BYTE guide to CD-ROM Book CD-ROM
124 C01049 Pramod S. Phadke Computer programs for solving mathematical puzzles Book CD-ROM

125 C22620 George Sonneborn (ed.),Michael E. Van Steenberg (ed.), H. Warren Moos (ed.), William P. Blair (ed.)

Future directions in ultraviolet spectroscopy: A conference inspired by the accomplishments of the far ultraviolet spectroscopic explorer mission held from October 20 - 22, 2008 at the Annapolis, Maryland

126 J00021 Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing Swinburne University of Technology, Australia Clear skies! Book CD-ROM
127 J00034 UNESCO Applications of satellite and airborne image data to coastal management Book CD-ROM
128 MC0001 PASA Publication of the astronomical society of the Australia IAU XXV, Sydney 13.26 July 2003 MISCELLANEOUS CD-ROM
129 MC0002

Association of universities for research in astronomy(AURA) & National optical astronomy observatory (NANO)

Enabling a giant segmented mirrior telescope for the astronomical community MISCELLANEOUS CD-ROM
130 MC0003 Evans & Sutherland Wonders of the universe MISCELLANEOUS CD-ROM
131 MC0004 Kinetic books company Principles of physics MISCELLANEOUS CD-ROM
132 MC0005 Gupta, Rajendra Kumar Advanced technology in Meteorology symposium MISCELLANEOUS CD-ROM
133 MC0006 Gupta, Arvind Short films: Toys from trash (English) MISCELLANEOUS CD-ROM
134 L00048 James Eella Setting for global analysis Book- CD-ROM
135 MC0007 Haik Harutyunian Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory: Viktor Ambartsumian MISCELLANEOUS CD-ROM