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Here is Quantum Field Theory from a totally modern perspective, made accessible to senior-undergrads and above! This book introduces you to all the relevant mathematical techniques and clarifies the conceptual conundrums. Published by Springer in 2016.  

Theoretical physics is fun! Here is a book which will convey this joy one feels about doing theoretical physics and will share some insights in a wide variety of topics, published by Springer in 2015.   Here is a comprehensive, advanced level text book dealing with all aspects of gravity written in a contemporary style and published by Cambridge University Press in 2009.   I have authored a comprehensive 3-volume work titled  Course of Theoretical Astrophysics- Volume I, II, III: covering all aspects of theoretical astrophysics. These have been published by Cambridge University Press.

More recently, I have authored a book titled

which is more `user-friendly' and deals with the foundations and frontiers of astrophysics at a level understandable to a physicist. This is published by World Scientific in 2006.

I have earlier authored two pedagogical text books (also published by CUP) which will be of interest to students and researchers in astrophysics, cosmology and related areas called 

and a popular science book in the above subject (CUP):

This year, I have completed another popular book titled which is a popular book on Quantum Theory at a level understandable to a layman. This has been published by World Scientific in April 2009.

In addition to the above, I have co-authored (with J.V, Narlikar) the book "Gravity, Gauge theories and Quantum Cosmology", published by Reidel (1986).

I have also edited two conference proceedings listed under the link Other books