" The power of instruction is seldom of much efficacy except in those happy dispositions where it is almost superfluous." --- Nevertheless, one tries!


I have taught virtually all the basic courses in physics graduate school during my stint at TIFR, Bombay during 1980-1992. In more recent years at IUCAA, I have taught Quantum mechanics, Statistical mechanics, Galactic dynamics, Electrodynamics and radiative processes, Cosmology and Introductory astronomy. Some of these have rudimentary home pages, as indicated by the hyperlinks above.

In addition I have given topical courses in Aspects of quantum field theory [path integral, effective action, pair production in electromagnetic fields, quantum theory in curved spacetime], Astrophysical processes [classical and quantum radiative processes, fluid mechanics]

Most of the pedagogical stuff is now available in form of the Course of Theoretical astrophysics: Vol I, Vol II, Vol III.


More recently I gave a Course of lectures on different aspects of Gravitation which are available as videos in websites.

    Unedited videos of a (30 hours) course on General Relativity and Cosmology given by me at IISER, Pune during Jan-April 2009 is available here.
    Another set of lectures (15 hours) on Advanced Topics in General relativity given for the 3ème cycle de la physique en suisse romande (Geneva, Switzerland), during October 2009 is available here.