IUCAA Workshop on

Astronomy of Transients with Small Telescopes

January 31st - February 2nd, 2014
Venue: IUCAA, Pune

About the Workshop

The workshop is aimed at providing an impetus to the Universities & Colleges (amongst IUCAA associates and otherwise) that own "Small telescopes" ( ~10-16 inch aperture) with good accessories. Some active Amateurs, with similar facilities, are also to be enthused. The proposed workshop will familiarise the participants with the potentials of such small aperture telescopes in very good astronomy. Good projects, that can be done with students & staff in the respective institutions, will be suggested along with a Hands-on Session. Special focus will be given to a follow-up of Transient events discovered by ASTROSAT and various time-domain optical surveys. We are also looking at this as a beginning of an activity over a longer period of time with a lot of involvement from those who attend this workshop.

The registration for this is closed now. The list of selected participants is available here.

Samir Dhurde - (samir at iucaa dot ernet dot in)