Everyone should kindly  fill the Transport Request Form, since we need to know your arrival and departure dates. Depending on your mode of trasport, there are various options available.

1. There is a Lufthansa flight which goes from Frankfurt to Pune, though not on all days of the week.  This is a relatively small aircraft, so it tends to get booked up pretty fast, and tickets can be towards the expensive side.  The flight lands around 3 am, but then Pune airport would be less than 30 minutes drive from your place of stay.

2. Probably the most favorable option: You can come to Pune airport.   The international and national terminals there are in the same building, and change over is easy.  Most of the international flights again arrive in the middle of the night.  There are many flights between Delhi and Pune, flying time ~2 hrs, the first leaving at around 6am.  There is a hotel at the terminal, which provides rooms in 4 or 5 hrs blocks, cost ~US $ 100. You can, of course, simply wait in the terminal, which is open and full of people at all hours of the day and night. The travel time from Pune airport to your place of stay would be less than 30 mins. If your accommodation is at a hotel, they may provide complementary airport transfer. Otherwise, there are pre-paid taxi services inside the aiport which you can take.

3. The closest international airport to Pune with multiple options is at Mumbai.  International flights usually arrive there around midnight and depart around 1:00am.  If you arrive at Mumbai then you can:

a. Travel to Pune by taxi, soon after your arrival.  We can arrange a taxi which can pick you up at Mumbai airport and drop you at your place of accommodation. This would cost around 90 USD. The time taken is around 3.5 hrs, and the distance is ~170 kms.

b. You can stay during the night at a hotel close to the airport (from US$120, say) and take a taxi, which will take you from the hotel to Pune in the morning. In this case, please ask the hotel to arrange for a taxi to Pune.

c. There is a daily flight operating on the Mumbai-Pune sector, which leave Mumbai at 09:55 hrs reaching Pune at 10:45 hrs (all days except Saturday). On Saturday the same flight operates at 09:20 hrs reaching Pune at 10:30 hrs.

4. If you are coming to Pune by Train, please take a Taxi/Auto from the station to your accommodation (IUCAA guest house or to your hotel). Please fill the Travel Information form so that we know about your arrival and departure dates.