Title: International Meeting on Transients and Timing:  A Multi-wavelength Approach

Venue: Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA), Pune, India

Dates: March 4- 8, 2013

At present, there are several international facilities such as the Palomar Transient Factory (PTF), CRTS etc., which are providing unprecedented data on transient and time varying astronomical sources. Over the next several years, there are plans for great development in this field with the enhancement and setting up of new facilities covering a wide range of wavelengths from radio (SKA, LOFAR) and optical (PTF -II, LSST, PanSTARRS). This will be augmented by data from X-ray/Gamma-ray observatories like FERMI, MAXI and more impotantly by the Indian Astronomy satellite ASTROSAT. Astronomers at IUCAA and in other centres in the country have substantial interests in these topics, because of their engagement with various current and forthcoming projects covering the themes of the meeting.

The meeting will have invited review talks and some shorter presentations, covering various aspects of transients discovered across different wavelengths, their follow-up observations and theoretical studies, detection techniques, quick data dissemination, use of machine learning techniques for their identification and present and forthcoming surveys for the detection of transients. The meeting will also cover variable sources over a range of wavelengths.


Professor Ajit Kembhavi
Director, IUCAA
Professor Ranjeev Misra
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